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Old Stone Barn



Welcome To The Old Stone Barn

Welcome to The Old Stone Barn, where comfort, charm and hospitality converge to offer you a memorable countryside getaway. Situated in the picturesque hamlet of Warrington, just 1½ miles north of the quaint market town of Olney in Buckinghamshire, our family-run establishment invites you to experience the beauty and tranquillity of rural England.



We invite you to join us at The Old Stone Barn and experience the warmth and hospitality that have been our hallmark for decades. Whether you're planning a romantic getaway, a family retreat or a gathering of friends, we look forward to welcoming you and helping you create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.


Since the 1950s, Home Farm has been the cherished residence of the Pibworth family. In the 1990s, with a vision to honour the farm's legacy while embracing modern changes, Garry and Ruth initiated a remarkable transformation of the old farm structures. What began as a modest renovation endeavor evolved into The Old Stone Barn, an idyllic retreat for travellers seeking tranquility amidst Buckinghamshire's picturesque landscapes.

Today, the legacy of Home Farm continues under the stewardship of the next generation. Fiona, daughter of Garry and Ruth, now leads the management of The Old Stone Barn. With Fiona at the helm, guests can expect a warm welcome and attentive care during their stay, ensuring that the spirit of hospitality and dedication to preserving the farm's heritage endures for years to come.


Our accommodations bear the mark of thoughtful craftsmanship and attention to detail. From the original barn conversions completed in the early 1990s to the modern, spacious retreats unveiled in recent years, each unit exudes warmth and character. Whether you choose to stay in one of our cosy cottages or indulge in the luxury of Glamping in our Safari Tents, you'll find comfort and relaxation awaiting you at every turn.


At The Old Stone Barn, hospitality is more than a business – it's a way of life. As a family-run establishment, we take pride in offering a personal touch to every guest's experience. From our dedicated housekeeping team who ensure that every corner is immaculate to our warm and welcoming staff who are always ready to assist you, we strive to make your stay with us unforgettable.

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